Wisdom of the Rooms: April 30, 2018

“The way to make a mountain out of a mole hill is to add dirt.”

Before recovery, anything that went wrong – or didn’t go my way – easily became an impending disaster.  Toothache?  Must be a root canal.  Boss not smiling?  Probably going to get fired.  Left to myself, my incessant negative thinking was quick to add dirt to any mole hill until the mountain of imaginary evidence overwhelmed me.
When I entered recovery, my sponsor was quick to point out a few tools I might find useful for my distorted thinking.  The first was, “One day at a time.”  “You’re not having a root canal, nor are you being fired today, are you?” he asked.  “No,” I grudgingly replied.  “Then take it easy,” he suggested.  Next, he taught me to “Take the next indicated action.”  Calling my dentist was a manageable action, whereas worrying endless about an imagined root canal wasn’t.  Using these and other tools of recovery helped restore me to sanity.
Today I’m quick to recognize a mole hill when one comes up, and I have the tools to keep it from becoming a mountain. My three favorites are to remember #1: There is a solution.  #2: Whatever is happening it is temporary.  #3: God is in charge.  By focusing on God – and not the problem – I get to experience serenity while the situation sorts itself out – as it always does.  And by not adding dirt to the mole hill, I avoid the imaginary mountain that used to make my life unmanageable.

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